Instant Chat, Fountain, Store Catalogue, AND MORE - OH MY!

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Instant Chat, Fountain, Store Catalogue, AND MORE - OH MY!

Post by The Bear Queen on Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:08 pm

Wow! Today Bearville was temporarily closed, which i knew upset many, but when it came back up there is a TON of new things!

-Instant Chat - its pretty awesome and there really ARE alot of things you can say. It has been reported, though, that some people are having trouble with it working, which they are probabally fixing and may be from the abundance of people using it. Cybearguides get ready to give out sentences! This brings us to our next story...

-Buisness Cards- many Cybearguides will be able to make buisness cards by clicking the printer next to "Momma Bears" door in the cybearguide lounge! I wonder if these will be used in the future for help points or something!

-Fountain- There is a banner up in Bearville about a new daily usage system for the fountain starting December 1st where you will be able to get an extra turn for Bearvilles 1st birthday! Maybe they are switching the way you can play the game, and maybe even making hourlies, like on webkinz!! I guess we will just have to wait!

-Catalogue- They have changed most of the catalogues in Bearville to what the Cybearguides catalogue looks like! Its alot more user friendly and adds a cool looking touch!!

-Homepage- The homepage of Bearville is now alot cooler and more inviting! it is like clubpenguins where things move and when you put your scroller over things it will say things.

Wow!! that is a ton of cool new stuff!!
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