Hot n your cold, Your yes and your no!

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Hot n your cold, Your yes and your no!

Post by The Bear Queen on Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:08 pm

The Store Fur All Seasons, which was reported as open earlier, is now changed back to coming soon! Also, a message through bearmail was sent to all members, advertising the new Holly and Hal Mosse adventure movie!

Store Fur All Seasons - EXCEPT this season! I guess it was a special sneak peek, and they still needed to add a few things (like i said, you had to click on the paw prints instead of the rows or items or door) and maybe they will add some things to the store! For you lucky buyers, you get to keep all of your stuff so far, as i still have all of my stuff!

Holly And Hal- Who Says Moose Don't Fly? This next exciting movie, is coming out tomarrow is supposed to be quite a hit! I guess they want to prove to the world you have to be a reindeer to fly!

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