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Post by The Bear Queen on Fri Nov 28, 2008 5:58 am

The way to click the place to walk to has gone through a light change, and although many can't play coin toss, you can now also get an emote from Holly! Then head to the beach and spot some fun!

Click- Nothing big, but now in most rooms when you click to walk, it lights us that spot!
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Coin Toss- This change of having alot of trouble playing the coin game may be from the mystery change happening next week. People report having been able to click the coin toss button, but the screen where you click to play is dark, and the play button doesn't work! The fix is to log out and in a few times.

Holly- You can see Holly moose when you head North!! Yesterday there was a common glitch where you couldn't click her, but now you can! She is in front of the giant tree, and you recieve a cool moose emote!!
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~that reminds me- Remember how Bearmy said come back tomarrow for another prize, nope no prizes today (:~

July In Christmas - When you head over to the beach, in either room, every once in a while, you see a shadow of a plane flying overhead. If you click it it is just a cool advertisement for the Holly and Hal Moose Adventures Series.
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