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Post by The Bear Queen on Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:02 pm

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now, Bearville is ready for Christmas!!

Trees - Well, now it is open season, get ready to hunt.... the elusive CHRISTMAS TREE!! Go to the North Pole on the 5th this Friday and get ready for some holiday tree lighting!! Sounds like fun!!
Deck The Halls! Tree10

Coin Toss - Get ready for some holiday fun with the coin toss! They now have new items in the coin toss including:
a Heart-Shaped Ice Sculpture, an Ice Couch, an Ornament Display, a Silver Bell, a Stocking Cap, Snowflake Hat, an Ice Bear Sculpture, a Blue Topaz Pendant,a Snowman Cookie Jar, a Kwanzaa Cap, a cool poster, Hot Chocolate, Holiday Bells, a Blue Lamp, a Snow Poster, an Ice Chair, even some Fruitcake!!!
**Thanks to viewers of BB who told us their items!! If you know of any not on the list or have pictures, please pm me!
The Bear Queen
The Bear Queen
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