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Good Tidings We Bring! Empty Good Tidings We Bring!

Post by The Bear Queen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 2:10 pm

They have opened the Moose Tobaggan game, so make sure you wear your earmuffs from Holly! Fly your way over to a photo booth and get your picture with santa!!

Game: They have opened the moose tobaggan game. For all of you club-penguin-ers its alot like their sledding game. You sail down the hill and use arrow keys to guide your way around snow drifts and trees then fly off a ramp and speed off the ice! Choose Holly or Hal moose, and start sledding today!

'Muffs: Make sure your ears stay warm when you sled with a pair of Christmas Earmuffs! This is what Holly is giving away this week! Click on her at the North Pole, in front of the tree!
Good Tidings We Bring! Muffs10

Santa: Santa Clause has came to town! Head over to a photo booth around town and get your picture with him! Don't Forget to tell him what you want this year!!
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