The offical Rules List of BB! *please read before posting*

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The offical Rules List of BB! *please read before posting* Empty The offical Rules List of BB! *please read before posting*

Post by The Bear Queen on Sun Nov 23, 2008 1:01 pm

Welcome to Bearville Broadcast!
We here at BB are always open to suggestions, and we will try to add rules to fit our communities needs!

Here are a few rules we hope you read!

~Do not put any personal information, such as your age, address, or full name, in our forums. We want to keep BB safe and NO administrators will ever ask for any of these!!
~Do not put any obscene or innapropriate material on BB. This is an all age, family site and we want to keep it this way.

Posting and Accounts
~Please only have 1 account! You may have multiple accounts in a family, but only one for each individual use only.
~Don't Share your password!! All administrators have access to your accounts and will NEVER ask you what it is!!!
~Account names cannot be changed, unless for certain circumstances where you must pm a moderator or myself.
~Do not post random posts just for the sake of doing so.
~You can use common txt talk, like lol or bff, but no possibly offensive abbreviations like omg.
~Do not use any bad or rude words on BB. Speak as if your family, teacher, grandparents, ect. were listening to you over a loudspeaker.
~Be respectful and mindful of all races and religions, although we do wish you speak English, as people may not know what you are saying.
~Do not tell anyone any more than your state, so dont even say your school, grade, or town.
~Do not put ANY pictures of you or friends on here, to be safe.
~Do not allow anyone to "borrow" items, you may not see them again!!

Please do not type in RED because this is the color our mods and admin use. Also do not delete any writing we put on your posts (:
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The Bear Queen
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Owner, Queen, and everything else

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