What's New? We'll Tell you!!! ~Special Rhyme Edition!!~

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What's New? We'll Tell you!!! ~Special Rhyme Edition!!~

Post by The Bear Queen on Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:43 pm

As Christmas becomes just about a WEEK away, there are some cool new things Bearville has today!

Snowmen- in the medow you can CLICK a snowman...
Did he just BLINK?! Maybe Frosty has come to this magical land! Shocked
If you click him, you get the move "shivvvver"
Which is waaaay better than eating liver!

Holly- Think one move is enough to get your groove on?
Go talk to Holly for a move that is not named Shaun or Don... bounce
Hello? The coolest dance move right now is the Holly!
You dress up cool and look quite Jolly!!

Game- Have you played Bears and pairs: World Holidays?
Its quite fun and you learn something new - i hope it says!
Like in Germany, Santa comes on December sixth! santa
An in shoes, not under a tree, he leaves gifts!!

Snow- In Bearville, it has snowed ALL day!
Maybe school will be let out and we can play!
Hey- On the Bear Botique- A snow maker! snowed in
I really hope this snow isn't a faker!!

Lights- In the forest, at my home- hey some cool blinking lights
make a great addition to this town covered in white rendeer
I really hope we will have a white Christmas
It comes first in my wishlist buisness!

Well there you have it!
you have to admit..
it is soo AWESOME what we did this time
to bring you news- hey another rhyme!!

P.S. Here are some cool pictures

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The Bear Queen
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