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Post by The Bear Queen on Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:15 pm

Once Christmas is over, head to Bearville for many new things to begin the New Year!

-Sale- At the Store Fur All Seasons, from 26 to 31st, they are having a huge holiday sale!! If you didn't get something, stock up then before it is all gone!!

-Cybear-Guides- Start the New Year with lots of cheer! Head To the Headquarters and get information starting on Jan. 1 on helping with DECORATING for a PARTY!!! You may even get a free item!!

-Countdown Update- For the New Years Beach Party, they have released new information on what you can get!! You will recieve a cool emoticon and limited edition 2009 party glasses!!! So cool!
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Wow! There are so many parties!! Make sure you check out Bearville A LOT this holiday season!!

Have a happy and safe holiday,
the bear queen
The Bear Queen
The Bear Queen
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