Countdown to the New Year!!

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Countdown to the New Year!! Empty Countdown to the New Year!!

Post by The Bear Queen on Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:57 am

Well, as i am writing this, there are only about 10 hours and 15 minutes until the new year!!!! I can't wait! Apparently, Bearville has made some resolutions for FUN!! Check out these cool new things!

Train- Sadly, soon there will be no more visits to the North Pole, but that is just because Santa is already planning for next year!! But today, if you go for one last visit, click on the same bells from yesterday on the left side of the screen to get random cash again! Hoo-ray! I got 26 bills today!

Sunshine Shores Beach- Head to the sunshine shores beach to start your holiday fun!! Click the characters to get cool, red 2009 sunglasses and also a countdown emoticon!! Get ready to party!!!

Hello Kitty- Starting January 1, tomarrow, go to the Furbulos Fashion District to see Hello Kitty! She will give you a cool new quest where you can find the bows around town for a prize, alot like Hugs For You Monkey's quest!

Jack Russel Terrier- On the second of January, click on the trampoline to the left of the Bear Botique and bounce up to the secret rooftop!! From there, you can talk to JRT and find out a new SECRET way to get a cool new prize!! I can't Wait!

Well, I hope you all have a GREAT new year!! See you NEXT year!
The Bear Queen
The Bear Queen
The Bear Queen
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