Jack Russle, New Fountain Prizes, Glasses and more - oh my!

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Jack Russle, New Fountain Prizes, Glasses and more - oh my!

Post by The Bear Queen on Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:02 pm

January has been a great month for all of your Bearville fans, and it is only the forth!!!

**NEW GLITCH ALERT: whenever you log in, no mater how many time you have already, you can click the bells in the North Pole (see below) for money! A good way to get insta cash if you don't mind re-loading!
Jack Russle- She has come to the roof top of the Bear Botique, and has a fun new quest!! Find dog bones in five different areas:
Path, Pawforming Arts Center, Neighborhood, Skate Park, and Sunshine Shores!!
And thank goodness boys - you will not be going home with another pink scarf - you get a fabulous, cool looking, inflatable dog "balloon" for your home!!

North Pole- Make sure you are still going to the North Pole to get your free random amount of money by clicking the bells on the window directly left of Mrs. Clause!! The train will not be taking much longer, so also get in all of your North Pole game playing, as they will not be here much longer!!

Glasses- For the many players in Bearville who can't see why your character can't have glasses too, your many requests have been answered!! Now at Pawlettes Botique, under the accessory section, you can choose from three new glasses- the stylish pair, and oval or round thick frame glasses! Also check out the Bear Botique for a new angel outfit!!

New Furnishings- Also to adorn your brand new basement and bathroom - both of which i am still saving for - you can now buy the animated washer and dryer set, and a sink where your pet can brush their teeth!!

New Fountain Prizes- With the new month comes, you guessed it, new fountain prizes! Now play to try to win: Fedora, Captain, and Black Cat hats, bird, carnation, apricot, ski, and eye chart posters, snow and cozy (slippers) shoes, garnet necklace, wood shipmodel, travel mug, and don't forget a matching slice of Chocolate Cake!
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