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Post by MasterLlama on Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:27 am

Hey all you viewers!
Here are the current BABV item/clothing codes and what they unlock:

983W-9J9R-3H6Q Be Beariffic Picture Frame

6S87-223B-78H2 Princess Bear Picture Frame

79T5-2N9G-9234 Happy Bearthday Picture Frame

368F-K6KM-4V53 Time to Paws Picture Frame

JBQC-R6K7-W46M Paint your own Bearthday Bear Figure

F542-3443-9NJL Paint your own Ballet Bear Figure

3347-229F-MP3V Soccer Figure

893R-SL9F-3GLC Friendship Figure

HG3R-4266-6R35 Time to Paws Figure

BYKL-23CW-ZC62 Beary Sweet Figure

RH7K-4X3W-88MG Baker's Paw Apron

QCRH-7S42-S24R Bear Princess Snowglobe

QR33-66DY-5XCS Pawsome Cheerleader Snowglobe

D822-Z895-KC9W Be Beariffic Snowglobe

MRCC-4FS8-FH6M Happy Bearthday Snowglobe

9TWV-9J24-XTDK Sleigh

WS53-7VJ6-7Y33 Snowglobe

5J48-25N7-96N6 Gold Present with Silver Ribbon

65YC-JB8S-3C42 Dreidel

87J3-48YH-SPPZ Wii Emoticon

NGK4-BABV-2008 Snow Boots

S334-6Q32-6SN5 Purple Diva Popstar Outfit

9N84-G72J-YMT6 Purple Diva Popstar Outfit

PEOP-BAB2-2008 1,000 Bearbills

W3YH-8B45-527M 1,000 Bearbills

7LN5-T4B5-44YH 1,000 Bearbills

EMBY-BABV-2008 1,000 Bearbills

J94P-WJ64-NX2K 1,000 Bearbills

TK3Z-6V8P-V48L 1,000 Bearbills

PEOP-BABW-2008 1,000 Bearbills

NGK3-BABV-2008 1,000 Bearbills

HGS5-K832-Z5TC I Love Build-a-Bear Workshop tee

3QGG-WM48-35MQ Pompoms

j955-k8s5-3wx9 Honey Shake Dance Move

TM45-ZWX9-J732 Cheer Move

N2FV-PQ7L-79R3 Locker

y226-bw25-dx63 Valentine Heart Emoticon

JBM4-4YV3-5578 Megaphone

Milk-Rcks-2008 Milk Carton (held in arms)

24T7-5347-CH6G Corbin Blue Poster

NGKS-BABV-2008 Explorer's Hat

MILK-RCKS-0808 Cowbell Necklace

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