Instant Chat coming to Bearville!

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Instant Chat coming to Bearville! Empty Instant Chat coming to Bearville!

Post by The Bear Queen on Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:53 am

Starting Monday, November 24, Bearville is starting Instant Chat, where you can type in a word, and a list of approved sentences will pop up for you to choose! They are adding alot more of the sentences so that it will be a lot easier to talk to the people of Bearville!

Calling All CyBearGuides!! You guys will be hard at work thinking up new sentences to submit to Bearville for approval to increase the number of sentences even more!! Get on your thinking caps and GO!!

They also sent out an email to people with younger kids to alert the parents of the change. This was the message:
Dear Parent or Guardian,

We have great news to share!

On Monday, November 24 we will release our NEW Instant Chat (IC). It makes chatting even more interactive, while limiting conversation to pre-approved phrases. We’ve added many new menu items, plus now you can type in the chat bar and see a list of phrases to choose. It’s intuitive, fast and fun!

Coming soon, Jr. CyBearGuide members can suggest phrases to enhance chatting options even more. If you or your child is interested in this program and currently not a member, you or your child can sign up any time.

Remember, if you would prefer that your child not chat or view others chatting in the world, you can still set their chat type to Silent.

We hope you and your child enjoy the new IC, which has been created in partnership with children and engaged parents like you! Please send any comments and suggestions to

Your Build-A-Bearville™ virtual world friends

Oh I can't Wait!!!!
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