Quite a Hairy situation, pictures of instachat, clothes!

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Quite a Hairy situation, pictures of instachat, clothes!

Post by The Bear Queen on Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:28 pm

Wow! There are even more new things that have been updated today - hair- i mean here are our top stories:

- New hair styles available for you!! They are 50 coins, super cute, and hey... that one isn't what I asked for!! We have had numerous reports with one hairstyle imparticular, which i bought because it was so cute, but looks TOTALLY different on your character. I still think it is cute but i wasn't told it would have a bow or even look like it.
See the picture where in the far right corner is the picture of what hair i bought, but over to the right what I look like... its lighter in color, and has a bow!

- Hats- Speaking of tis hairy situation, we also have a cool new feature to give hats off too, or in this case hats on! You are now able to see your hair when you wear hats, so you are no longer insta-bald when you insta-chat!

-Instachat- Just in case you haven't seen instachat yet, i finally got it to work on a less crowded server and here is a picture of it:

I still haven't seen a place, though where cybearguides can put in word requests!

-New clothes- Howdy Scout! In addition to the new way to shop, they have added a pretty
Ah-Dorable new outfit to the botique - the scout outfit. Hmm, maybe they are adding some new scouting program!!
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