Tis The Season!

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Tis The Season!

Post by The Bear Queen on Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:56 am

Get out your christmas gear and get ready to hoilday-i-fy your homes in Bearville!!

Store Fur all Seasons: The store fur all seasons has atleast partially opened! This may just be a glitch, though, because the outside still looks under construction and inside, you can only click the bear paw to open the catalogue, instead of many stores where you are able to open it by clicking the furniture in the room! The store right now has floor items, wall items, and objects. You can buy stuff for all of the Christmas time holidays! They have a tree for sale, for the steal price of only 150 dollars too!! It is full size and many think they will up the price so get one now!!

Here are some pictures!

This is The Bear Queen, signing off! Now back to you!
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The Bear Queen
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