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Post by The Bear Queen on Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:58 am

We have a TON to be thankful for this thanksgiving!!

snow - The first snow has fallen all over town!! Watch out for slippery spots on the ice!

chloe - The chloe show has debuted! You cna see her short clip now and then you get a cool dance for watching her show!! Pretty Moose-Tastic! Which brings us to our next topic today...
Turkey Tastic! Chloes11

Santa - Take the train and head up North! Once you enter the snowy room, you can talk to the guy moose who awards you a moose-tastic tree! Then you can either head north to santas workshop, which has an assembly line game, or go south to the moose room, with two games! All of these games are a pretty awesome way to make fast money!!
Turkey Tastic! The_po11

Shopping - Speaking of money, i hope you saved up alot - They have a ton of new things to buy! At Bear Botique and Pawlettes, you can find many cute items - but watch out they are NOT cheap. I bought a cute full outfit at Pawlettes, and it took out a good 400 coins, pretty expensive for me! Also at the Bear Stuff store, you can buy all of your Wintertime needs, such as a nice yule log fireplace! Finally, the Stuff Fur All Seasons has even made its apperance!
Turkey Tastic! New_cl11

Stuff Fur All Seasons: Yay! They have finally added it to the map, although it is only about half of that big building - i wonder what that will be!! It still has some minor clicking problems, but at least it is open for sure!!
Turkey Tastic! Train_10

Holly and Hal - You can also go see their new movie "who says moose don't fly?" at the theater! I think all of their movies are really cute and it is a hit!
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