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Post by The Bear Queen on Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:18 pm

Hi! I hope you take the time to enter in a Bearville Brodcast contest! Any member can make a contest, and anyone can enter!

Here are the rules to making a contest:

1.You can only have virtual prizes

2. Length of time of contest - NO more than 1 week.
If you have a specific reason why your contest needs to run more than 1 week, contact an Administrator or Moderator to request permission.
If you have a good reason that you need to extend the end date, you must request approval from a staff member first.

3. Contest must list End date in title.

4. Prizes must be clearly stated
Once the contest is posted, you may not change any prizes unless you receive approval from an Administrator or Moderator .

5. Only virtual items inside Bearville are permitted as prizes.
You may not give accounts/passwords as a contest prize.
You may not give codes away as a prize.

6. Do not post any pictures that contain obscene materials (or links to obscene materials).
Do not post pictures of yourself or any other person.

7. YouTube links are not permitted.

8. Do not ask for or share any personal information including information about accounts/passwords or email addresses.

9. Contests are open to Bearville Insider members only.
Please do not enter for friends or relatives who are not BI members.

10. You must list winners and give out prizes within 1 week of the contest's ending.
Contest host must contact the winners. Do not ask the winners to contact you.

11. Giving prizes to contest winners is not trading so, no feedback.

12. All contest entries must be made in the contest thread itself and NOT through PM's. If PM entries are required, you must contact an Administrator or Moderator for permission first, and an Administrator or Moderator must receive a copy of all PMed entries.

13. All contests must be conducted inside the contest thread and not inside BABV. Contests can not be monitored unless the entries are posted on BI.
"The first person to find me" contests are NOT permitted.

14. Contest threads are NOT to be used to up post counts.
Do not bump contest threads to get attention.

15. Contest threads are not chat threads.
Posts contest entries only.
Conversation will be deleted.
Do NOT post to acknowledge each entry. This will be considered to be bumping your thread (see rule 14).

16. Do not copy others member's entries.
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